Production of high purity synthetic magnesium oxide

The intended project is the production of high purity synthetic magnesium oxide. This chemical compound is naturally present in compounds such as magnesium bricks and is a rich source for the extraction of magnesium metal. The powder of this compound is completely odorless and non-toxic and shows a high melting point in high purity. This compound is widely used in the production of refractory industrial equipment due to its high thermal conductivity and good heat resistance. High-purity magnesium oxide – produced synthetically – is the raw material for the production of stabilized magnesium oxide (Dead Burn). Iran is a country that has many potentials for the production of products such as steel, cement, copper, glass, ceramic tiles, aluminum, lime and so on. These products all have conditions in their production processes that will require high heat. Therefore, the industry of producing refractory products, It is the beginning of the supply chain of the mentioned industries. In other words, the lack of suitable and quality refractories for these industries can hamper their production processes. Therefore, refractory industry has a high coefficient of strategic importance in our country’s economy. About 1% of refractories are consumed in the steel industry, so steel is the largest and most consumed customer of this industry. After steel, the cement industry is next and the rest is consumed in other industries.

Due to the abundance of magnesium-containing resources in Iran in the form of mines such as dolomite, magnesite and also water resources such as brines and salt lakes, the importance of producing this strategic industrial material in the country to prevent the import and export of currency and even export in The future is rising.

The most important tools for the correct realization of this plan is to achieve accurate and fast methods of analysis of raw materials, intermediate products and the final product. This collection has been able to achieve this important goal by using the consultation and cooperation of university professors in the field of decomposition chemistry.

Using the opinion of experts in designing processes and processing equipment is possible by consulting experts in chemical, materials and fluid engineering, and in the next step, this group intends to use the power and expertise of capable Iranian companies in the implementation of this project. Take a step. This product is produced on a pilot scale and is currently under industrial design.

Production of high purity synthetic magnesium oxide

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