Leap Season Exhibition (Kashan Science and Technology Park)

The Leap season exhibition was held from 9th to 13th January 1400 in Ghiyasuddin Jamshid Kashani Science and Technology Park.

This event is to introduce and introduce the capabilities and capabilities of innovative and technology-based companies of knowledge, nanoscale, creative, technology brokerages and accelerators of Kashan cultural region including Kashan, Aran and Bidgol, Naragh, Natanz, Delijan, Maymeh, Niasar, Ghamsar and Barzak. held.

About 27 technology units and knowledge-based companies and companies located in the park presented their latest products and processes to the interested people from January 29, and on the last day of the exhibition, during a ceremony attended by the representative of the Supreme Leader and Friday prayer leader of Kashan and the chairman Kashan University honored the participants and organizers of this exhibition.


– Introducing the knowledge-based and creative companies of the region, especially the units located in the park, to each other by presenting their capabilities in the exhibition by allocating a booth on the ground floor of the park based on a written request- introducing the park units to several investors for negotiation

– strengthening the marketing of the units




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