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Our strategy is to innovate

The Company's intro

Chemygostar Aran Co. was founded in 2004 to produce chemicals for domestic and international markets. After around 15 years of effort in the fields of granite tile colors and NPK chemical fertilizer production, it met its goal in 2019. Thanks to strategic plans, it shifted to manufacturing new materials, including high-purity magnesium oxide. After joining the science and technology park, our company formed this product by applying new investment models. We have dedicated and skilled personnel and outstanding resources, such as a well-equipped laboratory. Shimi Gostar Aran Company also works in other chemical-related technology domains.

The following are the company's distinguishing characteristics:

Having the essential knowledge and abilities in chemical manufactureHolding a well-equipped laboratoryHaving a talented and adept team of expertsEnclosing supervisors with vast wisdom and experiencePartnership with gifted people to invent cited products


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