Calcium chloride (CaCl2)

  • Used in oil and gas exploration.
  • Roadway ice and snow melting
  • Soil stabilization, dust and fine particle reduction on roadways and in deserts
  • Accelerating the blockage of concrete pipes
  • Plastic industries, calcium salt manufacture, and facilitating wastewater treatment concreting are examples of industrial processes.

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Why is it a good idea to buy industrial calcium chloride?

Industrial Calcium chloride is used in many industries, and we make it at Shimi Gostar Company. Contact our commercial experts at Chemygostar if you want to buy this product. Calcium chloride is a strong stabilizer with chemical properties that stop dust from spreading or snow from freezing on a road’s surface. This chemical can be used to control dust. If you want to buy industrial calcium chloride, call the Shimi Gostar commercial unit numbers right away.


Calcium chloride application

In this part of the article, we’ll discuss how calcium chloride can be used. Make sure to stay with us until the end of the product description. Calcium is a mineral found in large amounts in the earth’s crust. CaCl2 is the chemical formula for calcium chloride, a salty mineral salt that is sometimes written as CaCl2.

Calcium chloride is a drying agent that dissolves and soaks up water. This item should be kept in containers that keep out air and moisture. This salt can easily take the place of another cation in processes called “substitution.” This product can be used to drill for oil and gas, melt snow and ice on the roads, keep the soil stable, control dust and fine dust on highways and in deserts, make plastic, make calcium salt, help treat wastewater, and speed up the process. Concrete is hard to move.

Calcium chloride application

  • Dust and sand in the desert are held in place
  • It can stop frosting
  • Concrete is made with calcium chloride

Calcium chloride’s essential properties

Calcium chloride is one of the most-used compounds because of three essential qualities. The first thing that makes this liquid stand out is that it can turn into a liquid and soak up moisture from the air. The second thing about a material is its ability to absorb moisture without turning into a liquid. This is called hygrometry. With this feature, the road can stay the same amount of wet even when the weather is supposed to be dry. This material can stick well to the road base’s particles and aggregates, making the road base more stable and stopping dust from getting into the air.

Calcium chloride’s third most important thing is that it can make heat. This material can give off heat when it is in the form of a solution. Because of this, calcium chloride is an excellent way to keep snow and ice from freezing. On the other hand, the heat made during the dissolving process never gets too high. So, people who are dissolving sodium chloride pellets and powders have nothing to worry about.

How much is calcium chloride there on the market?

There are three different kinds of packages for calcium chloride. In this part of the article, the different kinds of calcium chloride models are explained:

  • It comes in 100-pound bags that contain between 77 and 80% calcium chloride and crystallized water in powder or type 1 form.
  • “Pelleted” or “type 2”:
  • In 80-pound bags with less than 1% water of crystallization and 94 to 97% calcium chloride.
  • Type 3, in the form of a liquid:
  • Calcium chloride is sold in 32, 35, and 38% chemical concentrations in tank wagons and tanker trucks.

Mulching with calcium chloride:

The liquid calcium chloride made by the Shimi Gostar Company is often used to make deserts less dry and to mulch them. Stabilizing the soil and keeping dust from building on roads is essential.

Calcium chloride attracts water, so its hydrates stick to it. It also releases heat when it gets wet. A thick solution of this chemical keeps a wet layer on the surface of dirt roads, which keeps dust from building up. It picks up tiny dust particles at the edge of the road and makes a layer that looks like a cushion. If these are allowed to go off, they will move much gravel, and the road will break. When calcium chloride is used, there is 50% less need for granulation and 80% less need for fillers.

You can put calcium chloride on the road surface at any time of the year or after it has been sprayed and shaped. The best way to keep roads safe is to use calcium chloride in the spring when the road still has some moisture from the spring showers. For this maintenance, new and fine aggregates should be placed as needed, and the road surface should be sprayed and sculpted into the right crown. A crown of 1/2 inch per foot in a straight line has been preferable. Standing water is a big hole, and road foundations get damaged, so borrow pits must be built to ensure water flows properly. The drains should also be cleaned and fixed.

Using standard lime drilling, tailgate, or spinning disc spreaders to spread calcium chloride powder and pellets. You can move liquid calcium chloride with spray bars on the back of tanker trucks. For equipment not to rust, you must clean calcium chloride residue off after each use. Calcium chloride powder and its equivalents in pellet and liquid form should be spread at a rate of 1 to 1.5 pounds of powder per square yard on roads that have just been fixed up or that have been fixed up in the past. One pound per square yard is possible. The AASHX (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) Maintenance Manual says to use 1.5 pounds of powder per square yard, which is what this application does.

The table shows what you can use liquid, powder, and pellet forms of calcium chloride for (1). Before putting down calcium chloride in powder or pellet form, the road must be wet. After the calcium chloride is spread, a water truck should spray the road’s surface to eliminate any powders or pellets. If you want to change the shape of the road, you can also mix calcium chloride with other materials.

Application equivalent rates table (see below for detailed calculations):

Equivalent application rates table

CaCl2 is used to make cement and concrete

As we’ve already said, calcium chloride is added to concrete. The amount of calcium chloride shouldn’t be more than 2%, and it’s best to add it as a solution to the aggregates in the mixer drum or as part of the mixer water. Add. Because of this function, less water is needed to mix everything. Examples of how calcium chloride in different drive

  • Getting rid of dirty water
  • Oil and gas drilling
  • Ice and snow on roads are melting.
  • The plastics industry uses it.
  • Processes that need to take in water
  • It is used to make calcium salts.
  • Controlling dust and stabilizing the soil on roads and in deserts

Shimi Gostar Co. makes calcium chloride that is both high quality and good enough for industrial use. This is done in both solid and liquid forms. Minerals are processed to make this product. Calcium chloride is sold by our company in two ways: as a liquid and as more concentrated granules. You can also buy calcium chloride in kilos or tonnes; a 40% solution is a clear liquid.

Industrial Calcium chloride price

Before buying industrial calcium chloride CaCl2, businesses should know how much it costs. The commercial department at Shimi Gostar Company is waiting for your call so they can give you the correct price information for calcium chloride. Using the ways to contact us listed on the website, you can quickly get in touch with us and talk to experts.

What sets the price of calcium chloride is where it comes from. When this substance is in liquid form, it costs more than when it is in solid form. Before you buy this product from Shimi Gostar Company, you can talk to our commercial unit about its purity.


This post discussed how to buy industrial calcium chloride CaCl2 and what it looks like. We also talked about its essential uses in business, like how it is used to mulch deserts and make concrete. We also explained how to sell this product in Shimi Gostar Company and its different kinds. We hope that this information about calcium chloride was helpful to you. If you have any questions or concerns about this product, please get in touch with our market experts at Shimi Gostar and ask about buying calcium chloride.


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