About us

Technological Chemy Gostar Aran Company was established in 2005 with the aim of producing chemicals needed by domestic and foreign markets and has been active in the fields of producing granite tile colors and NPK chemical fertilizers for about 15 years; After that, in 2018, it changed its mission to produce innovative and strategic materials such as high purity Magnesium Oxide; This company has succeeded in producing its products by employing highly knowledgeable and committed forces in this field and having its own good equipment and facilities such as laboratory, workshop and by using new investment models; Technological Chemy Gostar Company also operates in other technological fields related to chemicals.

Chemy Gostar Aran is known as the first producer of high purity Synthetic Magnesium Oxide in the country. Other chemical products such as synthetic Magnesium Hydroxide, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride and Wastewater Treatment Gel are also produced in this company under the supervision of various experts and in a well-equipped laboratory. Among the important features of Chemy  Gostar Aran Company, we can mention the capable and expert team, experienced specialists, the presence of managers with high knowledge, high equipment and facilities of the laboratory, workshop and having sufficient skills and knowledge for the production of the mentioned chemicals.


Our colleagues at Chemy Gostar dedicate their time to Chemy Gostar every day and work in a completely principled way for the company; For this reason, we are proud of our employees and human resources and we do our best to provide them with a safe and healthy environment with the best facilities.

team work

Vira team is the main team and core of Chemy Gostar company; In the Vira team, there are highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable people who have built the Vira team based on the principles of teamwork and cooperation and lead the company forward in the best possible way; Vira team adheres to honesty, diligence, truth seeking and progress.


Our experts and colleagues at Chemy Gostar are always looking for learning and consider themselves committed to learning in all fields related to their mission and always advance their activities with this goal in mind.

quality of products

Chemy Gostar has a development unit to improve and develop products, and the company's products are constantly controlled in terms of quality; We are proud to offer the highest quality products from the beautiful city of Kashan to all parts of the country and abroad at Chemy Gostar. We provide our customers with the best services and produce quality products.