Making a solution of calcium chloride flakes (CaCl2)

کلرید کلسیم پرک

In the previous articles, we learned about calcium chloride flake. Join us in this article to learn about making solutions with different concentrations from calcium chloride flakes.

Safety requirements

The dissolution of calcium chloride in water is an exothermic reaction. This heat may cause burns and damage to the people who deal with it; to be It is better for people to use personal protective equipment when dissolving calcium chloride.

When dissolving the flake, use cold water and slowly add the flake to the water and mix it.

Making solution

You can use the following formula to make the solution.


Suppose you want to make one kilogram of 20% solution from 77% flake produced by Chemy Gostar Company. To do this, do the following calculations.

So, to make this solution, you should pour 740 grams of water in a container and then slowly add 260 grams of calcium chloride to it and stir it. You can also use a mixer to mix.

Built solution control

After making the solution, you can use the density table of calcium chloride for more accurate control.


In this article, we have tried to explain how to make calcium chloride solution from calcium chloride flakes for you regular companions. We hope that reading this article will be useful for you. If you need more information about Chemy Gostar products, contact us.

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