Intro of calcium chloride flake its properties and applications

کلرید کلسیم پرک

Calcium chloride flake

In the previous articles, we learned about calcium chloride, its properties and uses. In this article, we are going to get to know one of the most used forms of this product. In the future, stay with us so that we can get to know the calcium chloride product manufactured by Chemy Gostar Company.

Properties of calcium chloride flake

Flake calcium chloride is a solid form of calcium chloride that is stable at room temperature. The color of calcium chloride is white and odorless.

Calcium chloride has two types, l and s, and the flake type is placed in the s category.

Flake calcium chloride is available in the market in concentrations of 77-80%, although it is also found in the market with lower concentrations of about 74%, which is not of high quality.

Calcium chloride flake is prepared from calcium chloride solution in the process of drying the solution. The obtained calcium chloride flake has a molecular formula CaCl2.2H2O. Chemy Gostar Company is the producer of this product.

Characteristics of calcium chloride flake

The arrangement of calcium chloride with two waters of crystallization is shown in the opposite figure. The chlorine atom, which has a partial negative charge, has bonded with the hydrogen atom.

The physical properties of this material are collected in the table below.

The molecular form CaCl2.2H2O
Molecular mass 147.02
Melting point ̊c 176
Boiling point ̊c 174
Density at 25 degrees Celsius 1.85
Heat of fusion (cal /g) 21
Heat of dissolution in water (cal / g) 72.8-
Heat of formation at 25°C (kcal / mole) 335.58-
Heat capacity at 25 degrees Celsius (kcal / g ̊c) 0.28


Application of calcium chloride flake

calcium chloride in industries such as

  • Water purification
  • Agriculture
  • Antifreezes
  • Oil and gas

is used


Feathers should be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated environment.

Because these materials are hydrophilic, they should be away from water.

If the container is opened, it should be closed quickly.

Specifications of Chemy Gostar Calcium Chloride


Property unit Value
Purity % by weight Min 77
Insoluble Solid % by weight Max 3
Alkalinity (Ca(OH)2) % by weight Max 6
MgCl2 % by weight Max 0.5
Color White
pH 9-10



We hope the above article was useful for you. Chemy Gostar Company is a producer of Calcium Chloride flake. Our experts are ready to answer your questions.


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