Establishment in Kashan Science and Technology Park

Establishment in Kashan Science and Technology Park

Development and expansion of science and technology parks in the country with the aim of benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of graduates of universities and higher education institutions in each region and in order to strengthen and improve its economic infrastructure. Based on criteria and parameters defined by international institutions such as IASP این امر از طریق ایجاد، حمایت و توسعه بنگاه های کوچک، متوسط و بزرگ دانش بنیان1( K-Base ) که به کسب ثروت و ایجاد ارزش افزوده بر محور دانایی می پردازند، امکان پذیر است.

در اردیبهشت ماه سال 1400 شرکت شیمی گستر مفتخر به استقرار در پارک علم و فناوری غیاث الدین جمشید کاشانی گردید.
This achievement was achieved thanks to the knowledge and expertise of the Viera team and the element of creativity and innovative mentality of the members.

The application for admission to the company was evaluated based on the following three conditions:

  • Having a new and technological idea (the result of a research activity) that is suitable for the research stage and has the ability to create a business.
  • Combining specialized manpower appropriate to the field of activity of the unit
  • Provide a work plan based on market knowledge

We hope to take a small step to promote and improve the country’s industry and play our part in the country’s economic development by creating a sustainable business.

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