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Calcium chloride

  • Used in oil and gas exploration.
  • Roadway ice and snow melting
  • Soil stabilization, dust and fine particle reduction on roadways and in deserts
  • Accelerating the blockage of concrete pipes
  • Plastic industries, calcium salt manufacture, and facilitating wastewater treatment concreting are examples of industrial processes.
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Synthetic magnesium hydroxide

  • Stubborn and Refractory industries
  • Treatment of wastewater and industrial water
  • Livestock and poultry industries
  • Agriculture
  • Other
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Magnesium chloride

  • Road consolidation
  • Excavation
  • Industrial
  • Fire services
  • Agriculture
  • Other ....
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Water purification nano resin

  • Sedimentation of wastewater suspended solids
  • Absorption of fine and micronized particles

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