About Us

What we do: we manufacture unique and strategic materials (such as synthetic magnesium oxide), and we engage in activities connected to creating granite tile hues and chemical fertilizers.

Our Belief: Chemygostar and the Weera team strive to provide the best quality products, including magnesium oxide and hydroxide.

Our background: Chemygostar Company was founded in Kashan city in 1384 to produce chemicals for domestic and foreign markets. After nearly 15 years of activity in the domains of granite tile colors and NPK chemical fertilizers, it was acquired in 1398. He shifted his focus from the tile and granite industries and chemical fertilizers to sophisticated sectors and developing novel and strategic materials.

Our Accountabilities

Human resources: We are proud of our staff, that work tirelessly every day to advance Chemistry. We go to great lengths to ensure that our workplace is as safe and healthy as possible.

Teamwork: The Chemygostar company’s core, the Vera team, is founded on the concepts of teamwork and synergistic interaction.

Creativity: Vera’s team is dedicated to learning and innovation in all aspects of its purpose.

Product quality: We are glad to deliver one of the best magnesium oxide samples from Kashan to all regions of the country. We feel that win-win communication with our business partners is critical, and we value their input.

How to join the Vera Team?

The presence of the Vera team shows that we invest in people who share our goals, innovations, and dedication to learning and teamwork. We promote personal development and provide excellent career prospects. Every day, we challenge our members to be their best.

  • Possibility of employment:

Vera attracts employees with diverse backgrounds and expertise, from process technologists to sales managers, from assembly line workers to business developers and digital marketers. Nonetheless, we are a small company with only 20 people. Please get in touch with us to learn how to hire and the terms of our collaboration with our peers (contact us). You can also send your résumé and application to the company’s email address. In your email, please tell us why you should be on our team or want to intern at Viera.

  • Our main members:

Chemygostar has a team of roughly 20 eager and dedicated employees.